Friday, January 06, 2012


I guess puppy is one of my most important new years resolutions. Some basic facts:

  • Bought her from Erin. Not cheap. I had been thinking about Cavalier spaniel for a while. Having Erin get the advantage and knowing about her puppyhood helped me to loosen the bankbook. But obviously just the cost is a commitment. (Plus it’s a little life.)
  • She is cute but strong willed. I’ve been reading and reading and doing what I can to train her. But she is still working in her own charming way to be the one in charge.
  • I can see that my isolated, hermit lifestyle will be a problem for a dog. She is coming to be reasonable with me. Absolutely insane once we go beyond the privacy of our little dyad. So I need to move into training and find ways to let her socialize with other dogs and other people.
  • A final piece of the puzzle that made me decide to get Sadie: Nina and Raymond’s visit with Dobbie. A well trained dog. Committed owners. I have to keep remembering that is my goal. I feel that I let Koda and even Daphne (my last two dogs down, stories for another day here). Their annoying behaviors were parallel to my lack of knowledge and commitment as an owner. So I’m taiing the ownership of responsibility to ensure that Sadie behaves and that I’m a strong, loving owner.

So my commitment for the year is to lead Sadie down a path towards behavior that gives her and me a good life.