Thursday, January 03, 2008

Whisperers: dog and otherwise

Don and I spent a good part of our evenings over the holidays watching a Dog Whisperer marathon. Not much else thanks to the writers strikes--except for old movies (we watched lots of those too, another story).

I had never watched this show. But I had heard of Caesar from my daughter-in-law and son, who have been rehabilitating an enthusiastic (and adopted, because previously rejected) black lab for a year or so now. I met Maggie a year ago, she is now a much more charming pet (based on the evidence of two consecutive Thanksgivings spent in Williamsburg).

I previously posted about how what Heather (the daughter in law, aka DIL) introduced me to the Dog Whisperer and helped me to make sense in my quest to live with Bev, my darling idiot girl (Bevin Whisperer). I have now met Caesar, and I’m impressed. I am now considering whether Caesar may be the key to life. Certainl I’m considering whether Caesar may be the key to life with my husband. An entity to be dealt with. Unique. Can be charming. Can be not charming. Perhaps I need to become the calm, above-it-all, alpha. Quiet, patient, watching, determined (oh so not me, at least the quiet, patient part). A 2008 resolution.