Monday, December 03, 2007

Mixing up the world

Bevin has a way of making me realize that the world as I live it is not self evident. Some moments from my weekend with Bev:
        •        When she greets me at the weekend her first word is pretty much always “poppie” (as in soda pop), not Mommy (though that does generally sneak in). Puts you in your place.
        •        Her only goal oriented behavior of the weekend: go to the neighborhood store and buy poppie (she pretty much always pull diet Dr. Pepper from the cooler, how does she know?)
        •        Her main point of conversation for the weekend (when it’s not “poppie”): Sarah. In other words, when do I get to dump you and hang out with my sister.
        •        At 10:30 on Saturday night, she decides that her next step is not to climb into bed. Doesn’t seem to have a plan B. I WAS ready for bed, and I won (another story).
        •        Sunday morning she more than ready to get up at 5:30. (And who was it I thought won?)
        •        It snowed this weekend and poured buckets. As we walked outside, she didn’t notice. (I have my feet propped up on the table in the basement tonight because the floor is definitely noticing the rain.)

And yet, the more time I spend with Bevin, the more I wonder whether I should defer to her sense of the world.