Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Whidbey? Why now?

Looks like I’m buying a house on Whidbey Island (located about 20 miles north of Seattle in the Puget Sound)! To tell the truth I’m as surprised as my friends and family: “You’re what? What about your garden? What about your cute bungalow? What about Seattle? What about Greenlake?”

It all started the week of July 4. I rented a house on Whidbey Island for my kids to come hang out for a few days. Nate and family came from Virginia. Sarah and her crowd were there. Also Bevin and Don. It was a beautiful house with a beautiful view of Puget Sound and Camano Island--located just outside of Langley. We went on a couple of walks (torn away from the view), and I saw a house for sale that I had always thought a beautiful house. Couldn’t resist going to see the house.

The house wasn’t as perfect on the inside as it is on the outside, but it got me thinking and fantasizing about living on the island. I searched out a few houses, found an agent, and went out the next weekend to see a few more houses. That weekend I did fall in love with a house. Spent another couple of weekends looking at other houses on the island. But this had been love at first sight.

Don’s first response had been, “Over my dead body!” But he mellowed. And last weekend we had an offer accepted on the house. With luck, we’ll be moving to Whidbey Island in early November.

Whidbey House

I have the luxury of taking my job with me. I can work remotely. This gives me a chance to simplify and downsize. Lots of wonderful places to walk and enjoy. A great sandy beach just down the road. Now instead of driving to the country, I can drive to the city.