Monday, August 30, 2004

It's been a long time. I had forgotten I did this. I navigate most evenings to my son's blog. It's pretty entertaining--and impressive. He and his friends are mostly lawyers, very opinionated, and very verbal. I like the fact that he has a good sense of shape for what he writes, and mostly he understands that more is less in a good essay. I'm impressed by blogs that have a public shape and a bit of thought to them. Not that impressed by blogs that sound like journals, personal musings that don't face externally, don't have a sense of audience. So what is this? Not entirely sure. I'm so caught between multiple worlds. I often think it's a good place to see things. But I don't seem to have the patience to write, to stick to something long enough to explore in depth and shape what I have to say. I flit from thing to thing.