Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Curl Envy

I have a serious case.

During the 80s I pretended with perms. Tried to impersonate someone carefree, wild, curled. Can’t say it exactly worked.

So in recent years I’ve submitted to the hair dryer. Time spent styling every morning. And that morning routine came to seem ever more looming--a daunting barrier to run each morning.

Finally I said no more. Told my hair lady to layer away. Assume I’ll just stir it up in the morning. Give my pathetic curl and resistance a chance. It’s been several months now with the let it go hair. No dryers, no brushes, really no combs. Just fingers. I can’t say that I look or feel glamorous. But I’ve decided I’m beyond that. (Anyone want a hairdryer?)

What I have is a whiff of simplicity. A small sloping knoll to walk in the morning, not a mountain to climb.

Is this old age?

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Lisa B. said...

I have the curls. I remember when I figured out that, in SoCal, many other girls did as well, but they did the opposite of you--they did the work to get straight, silky hair, which is what I envied. But I have always been too lazy to do anything except let my hair be itself. I am currently thinking of Kiki Smith as my style icon--her hair is long, curly, and gray. Also, she has tattoos around her wrists. Maybe I will do that someday. Or maybe I will just get some really cool bracelets.