Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Resolutions

        ❑        Finish an article on 1830 and send for publication.
        ❑        Write at least weekly on blog. I need to develop a habit of writing.
        ❑        Less meat, more vegetables.
        ❑        Go to the dentist and the doctor.
        ❑        Take Bevin to the dentist and the doctor.
        ❑        Lose 10 pounds.
        ❑        Walk. At least 2 days a week. Can it be more. How do I add more exercise to my life? Figure this out.

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

All excellent resolutions. I find that when I cook at home, it's pretty easy to eat lots of vegetables; it's the going out that brings on the meat (in my case, mostly fish, but still).

If it helps--and I realize that it might not--I promise to comment if you promise to post!