Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Books galore

I do have a problem. A garage in California full of books. A house in California full of books. All the brand new shelves I had in the house in Seattle--filling up with books.

How to manage what I know defines me in very real ways. But can get out of hand. Options I’ve discovered:
  • Libraries. Take too much planning. Never did these that successfully. At one point in time returned a car full of books to the library. And later found them all on the shelves. Do you know how hard it is to get books “deaccessioned” (is that how you spell it) from the University of Utah library.
  • Books. I’ve talked to you about that. Filling up my house(s). And I had a basement full of shelves built to help manage the problem.
  • Audiobooks. AAAAAAAAH. What a wonderful discovery (Audiobooks. . . . ) I love being read to. I can read while I drive, while I work, while I’m supposed to be reading, while I walk or run, while I hang out with Bev, while I go out to eat with Bev--you get the idea. No media. But not all books are available. And I still like to read (eyes on words).
  • And now my latest vice. I bought a Kindle. Here’s the sad story. I’m listening to Little Dorrit (a fine Dickens novel brought to my mind again by a very good Masterpiece Classics adaptation). I always have trouble with that first chapter. What is going on? What in the world does this chapter have to do with the book? So I went to the walls of books on my shelves. And who knew. I had no copy of Little Dorrit. Wanting to solve the problem that minute I went to Amazon and bought a copy of the book. And then I saw the Kindle version--I could have gotten Little Dorrit for free or near it. What a world. I remembered a recent discussion with someone at work about how good the experience with Kindle is getting. The book I want to read right now--Sarah Waters’ Little Stranger is not yet available on And it’s available--and cheaper--on Kindle’s site. A click away.
I have to say I like the Kindle. Now those books I buy and read once but don’t care about keeping. They come without media. One click away. And I can get Our Mutual Friend for free. A wonderful book I’ve been thinking about recently.

A pathetic story??


Lisa B. said...

Oh the books. Maddening, how delightful they are and how much space they take up! I am mulling over the Kindle. When I think about how much Jonathan Strange and Dr. Norell WEIGHED, which had a material effect on the pace at which I read it . . . the Kindle seems very very attractive.

SusanS said...

Reading in bed is much easier. And you can change the type size. Great for old fogies (like me)

Nate Oman said...

I just can't get behind the Kindle. Besides which, I am getting the larger office of the wife of our former College president who left in a huff after the board of visitors fired him for screwing up a $12 million gift to the law school by shooting his mouth off.

More shelf space for me...

SusanS said...

Not seeing more shelf space in my life. I have to look for Plan B. But cheers to more shelf space for you.