Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm getting ready to spend two weeks in India for work. So I guess I am involved in "outsourcing." From what I can tell that's an evil activity. Especially for someone who on occasion thinks of herself as "progressive," "forward thinking." I try to recycle, I have a hybrid car (mostly because driving is a hobby and I feel guilty), I'm not real thrilled about Iraq or Guantanamo.

But what about the global economy? Outsourcing? First I don't see my company Adobe as "shipping American jobs abroad." The jobs that go abroad are the jobs that would end otherwise. And ultimately folks back home benefit because the company thrives and makes money where otherwise they wouldn't have (we get stock options; more folks don't lose jobs; we get profit sharing, etc.). So India definitely benefits--a growing group. But back home we benefit as well. A profitable company. And with the American dollar and economy sputtering a bit, tech companies have managed to keep on a more even keel than some companies because of how much our products are sold abroad. In other words, the global economy can keep a company afloat even when America falters on some fronts. Lots of folks buying software in Europe, South America, Eastern Europe, India, China. . . . And helping to create software too.

And then there is just the delight of working with a whole group of talented, interesting folks in India. I'm enjoying my work of helping to create a strong group there. And I get to go spend two weeks in hot, sultry, rainy, miserable summer Noida. What could be better!

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