Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend mornings

Bevin doesn’t seem to understand that people sleep in on weekends. She tends to get up early in the morning (3:00 to 5:00), come upstairs and go to the bathroom, then climb in bed with me. All to the good. We go back to sleep. . . . for a while. . . . .

I can tell when her night is over. She sits up in bed. I have my back to her. She stares at me, and stares at me. I ignore her. I pull the blanket back around me, maybe over my head. She watches for a while. I can feel the staring eyes. And then she moves to the next step. Pulls the blanket back, more staring. And then she finally makes her move.

She reaches over and pinches my nose.

At that point, I know it’s all over. If she decides to get up on her own--that’s not good. She may start cleaning surfaces, trashing things. So I take notice. I reward the nose pinching (I do know that). I look at her.

She’s still sitting there cross legged. Watching me. And she smiles. She knows she has me. I smile too. With luck, it’s 8:00 (rare), once it was 9:00 (miraculous). Usually it’s more like 7:00. Alas, at times it’s 6:00.

But the day begins, with a smiling companion. Which goes a long way. . . . .

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